Content Writers Wanted - Home & Garden

We're always looking for content writers to provide us with articles, illustrated if possible, to support our various gardening, outdoor living and DIY related websites, all of which are UK focused. We are at the seedling stage of building an online presence in these topics and have a very strong portfolio of related domain names (web addresses) that we are developing and looking to grow. As such there may be additional opportunities, including partnerships or exclusive access to a related website, as things progress.

We have an ongoing need for content in the form of: plant information and care, buyer guides, how-to guides, tutorials, product comparisons and reviews, design ideas and more. You may be a freelance writer or horticulturalist, gardener (professional or keen amateur), nursery owner, product manufacturer or distributor. If this sounds of interest then we'd like to hear from you.

If you think you could provide high quality, original articles, of typically up to 1500 words, where the reader comes first and search engine considerations (whilst relevant) are secondary, then please get in touch. Send us a brief description of your experience, areas of interest, plus your rates and sample links to existing published articles, if you have them.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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